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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2013 Hoven All State Chorus Participants
Hoven All State Chorus - Bailey Baker, Scott Glodt, Shawnda Rausch, Alex Morgan- along with their instructor Mrs. Bengs enjoyed participating in the All State Competition in Sioux Falls this past weekend.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Emotional Homecoming

U.S. Navy chief Tara Mayes traveled thousands of miles to surprise her 10 year old son at an assembly planned by her son's teachers.  Zach thought that the assembly was simply part of our Dakota Character program in which we were talking about the character trait of reliability and how military families rely on the people around them to help when a family member is deployed.  After giving his input on how having his mother deployed has impacted him, he was surprised when she walked up the stairs and met him as he was on his way back to join his class.  We wish Tara and Zach the very best and are glad that we were a part of the day.

Monday, October 8, 2012

South Dakota Child Identification Program

Parents are invited by the Masonic Lodge No, 83 in Gettysburg to protect their children by taking them through a five-phased, free identification program on October 18th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Hoven Elementary Gymnasium. Release consent forms will be sent home with students closer to the 18th. Parents will need to sign and return them to allow their children to participate in the program.

Parents with pre-school children may also bring them to school and participate in the program. Consent forms can be signed at that time by a parent or legal guardian. Anyone who may be at risk of wandering off or abduction may participate in the program.

The South Dakota Freemasons Child Identification Program is the most comprehensive child identification program available to parents. When completed, parents are given all materials for easy access and safekeeping, including a brief video interview of their children, digital photograph, digital fingerprints, cheek swab, and an impression of their teeth. Ionic Massonic Lodge is paying the cost for each child who goes through the program.

“Ionic Lodge is proud to provide this vital service to our community,” said Master Ryder Lemler, who heads Ionic Lodge. “On average, a child is reported missing every 43 seconds in the US. The identification materials parents receive provide the best overall information about a child, which increases the likelihood of their return.”

The program is conducted by the members of the Ionic Lodge in cooperation with the South Dakota Dental Association and the South Dakota Sherriff’s Association.

Ryder Lemler explained that the teeth impression also yields saliva that can be stored at least three years and used by bloodhound recovery dogs and for nuclear DNA testing. Cheek swabs provide DNA, and, when frozen can last up to 30 years.

Ionic Lodge meets monthly on the first Thursday at 8:00 PM at 129 N. Exene St. It was chartered in 1887, and has 59 members. There are more than 6500 members in about 90 communities in South Dakota. Fremasonry has nearly two million members in the US.
The SD CHIP program is provided free of charge to the public. All identifying items generated during the event are given to the child’s family.

Toothprints—Dental Impressions

Teeth, like fingerprints, are unique. A dental imprint gives accurate information for identification purposes.

DNA Cheek Swab

Cheek cells in saliva provide DNA, which can uniquely identify anyone.
Digital Still Photo

Amber Alert is in operation throughout South Dakota. The color photo can be circulated by police to media throughout the state within two hours of an abduction.

Fingerprints are a well know tool for recovery investigation and identification. Every person’s prints are unique.
Video Imaged Interview

A brief videotaped interview is invaluable to an investigator. The SD CHIP interview captures the appearance, speech, mannerisms, and important personal characteristics of a child. It can be quickly distributed via the media to reach a huge audience. It is the cornerstone of the SD Child Identification Program.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Music Notes

Northwestern Middle School Music Festival

The Northwestern Middle School Music Festival will take place on October 9th, at Northwestern High School in Mellette, SD. The Festival will include a concert band of approximately 100 middle school musicians, and a large mixed chorus. Students were nominated based on their interest, then chosen by a selection committee. This year, Hoven will be represented by 15 young people. Band Students: Shawnda Rausch—flute, Calie Kaiser—trumpet, Katie McClure—trumpet, Benjamin Krueger—trombone, Isaac Kaiser—trombone, Jacob Rausch—tuba, Peter Rausch—baritone, and Dana Hageman—percussion. The 7 young vocalists are: Shania Clowers, Brooke DeRouchey, Brady Keller, Carrie Kaiser, Casey Leach, Macy Lecklider, and Samantha Stethem.

Students will be spending the day rehearsing and performing under two well known professionals in the music world. Directing the band is Helen Mogen, Director of Bands at Chester High School and President of the South Dakota Band Masters Association. Working with the choir is Dr. Timothy Woods, a graduate of Harvard University and Director of Choral Activities, Conducting Voice, Vocal Technique, and Music History at Northern State University.

The Day will culminate with a Grand Concert at 7:00 PM in the Northwestern High School Gym. The concert is open to the public.

All State Chorus

All State Chorus will be taking place this year on October 26 and 27 at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, in Rapid City, South Dakota. Representing Hoven will be Bailey Baker—soprano, Cassidy Kaiser—alto, Brayden Vogel—tenor (4 year participant), and Scott Glodt—bass. Alternatives selected are: Shaye Jungwirth, Abby Simon, Alex Morgan, and Lewus Morgan.

Guest Conductor for this year’s festival will be Dr. Anna Hamre of California State University. The South Dakota All State Chorus is one of the few All State groups left in the nation that has representatives from every high school in the state. The result is a very large mixed choir, with a superb sound. The concert will be broadcast live on South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

Elementary Honor Choir

The Elementary Honor Choir is a choir of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students sponsored by the South Dakota Music Educators Association. This is an auditioned choir, where students record their application and are then selected by a group of blind judges. The selected ensemble will be working with well-known clinician, Judy Britts, whose expertise lies in working with young voices. The chorus is held in conjunction with the SDMEA Conference and All State Chorus and Orchestra on October 27th.

This year there were 281 auditions sent in, and 127 students were selected. Representing Hoven will be 4th grader Kendra Kaiser. The ensemble will be performing a variety of repertoire including a Spanish selection. This year is the 15th anniversary of the EHC, and in celebration the group commissioned a piece by Jim Papoulis entitled “If You Could Hear My Voice.” The piece will be performed for the very first time at the EHC Festival.

Parents, Alumni, and FFA supporters are invited to attend the FFA Community Picnic on October 4th at 7:00 PM at the High School. We will be serving burgers and brats as well as salads and desserts. We will be discussing what our FFA chapter is up to and what our goals are for the year. We look forward to seeing you as we embark on another successful year.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Homecoming 2012

Homecoming week in Hoven is scheduled to officially begin on Monday, September 24th with Coronation and the lighting of the “H”. We hope that parents and members of the community will come out and help us celebrate all of our young people on this special evening. Our candidates for Homecoming King are: Derick Arbach, Tyler DeRouchey, Ashur Fleming, Joe Glodt, Reid Kaiser, Lewus Morgan, and Brayden Vogel. Our candidate for Homecoming Queen is: Cassidy Kaiser.

Derick Arbach, son of Jim and Amy Arbach, has been a member of the Hoven Band, the Hoven FFA, the French Club, and the All-School Play. He has also been a member of our football and track teams for four years.

Tyler DeRouchey, son of Mike and Nina DeRouchey, has been a member of the Hoven Band, the Hoven FFA, French Club, National Honor Society, and the All-School Play. Tyler has been a class officer for all four years and he has served as FFA Treasurer and as French Club Treasurer. He has also been a member of our football and track teams for four years.

Ashur Fleming, son of Nicole and Kevin Johnson, has been a member of the Hoven Band, the All-School Play, Oral Interp, FFA, French Club, National Honor Society, and the French Honor Society. He has served as a class officer, and as secretary/treasurer for the National Honor Society. He represented Hoven as a Boys State Delegate. He has been a member of our football, basketball, and track teams for four years and a member of our cross country team for three years.

Joeseph Glodt, son of Dan and Noreen Glodt, has been a member of the Hoven Band, French Club, the All School Play and the Hoven FFA. He has also been a member of our football and basketball teams for all four years.

Cassidy Kaiser, daughter of Kurt and Melanie Kaiser, has been a member of the Hoven Band, Hoven Chorus, FCCLA, French Club, National Honor Society, All-School Play, Yearbook, Student Council, and Oral Interp. She has served as a class officer, as well as, National Honor Society President, FCCLA Secretary, Student Council Secretary, and French Club Vice President. She represented Hoven as our HOBY delegate and as a member of All State Chorus. Cassidy has been a member of the volleyball and track teams.

Reid Kaiser, son of Kevin and Lori Kaiser, has been a member of the Hoven Band, the National Honor Society, French Club, French Honor Society, and the Hoven FFA. He has served as a class officer, as well as FFA President, National Honor Society Vice President, and French Club President. He has also represented Hoven as a member of the Honor Band, and as our Boys State Delegate. Reid has been a member of the Hoven Cross Country team for 4 years.

Lewus Morgan, son of Richard and Renee Morgan, has been a member of the Hoven Chorus, Hoven FFA, Student Council, French Club, Oral Interp, and the All-School Play. He has served as a class officer for all four years, as well as, FFA Vice President, Class President, State Student Council Parliamentarian/Sergeant at Arms. He has represented Hoven as a Boys State Delegate and as an All State Chorus participant.

Brayden Vogel, son of Dan and Lexie Vogel, has been a member of the Hoven Band, Hoven Chorus, Oral Interp, All-School Play, Hoven FFA, Student Council, French Club, National Honor Society, FCCLA, and Yearbook. He has served as a class officer, as well as, Student Council President, Historian and Sentinel for FFA, and FCCLA Vice President. He has served at the region, state, and national level for Student Council as Upper Missouri Region Rep to the State Board, State Vice President, and National Student Council State Rep.. Brayden has also been a member of our football, basketball, and track teams throughout his high school career.
The schedule of activities for that week will be as follows:

• September 24

  • Coronation 7:00 PM in the Elementary Gym with the lighting of the “H” to follow.
• September 25

  • VB Sully Buttes @ Onida 6:30 with Junior High at 5:00/6:00
• September 26

  • FFA State Land and Range @ Wessington Springs
• September 27

  • FCCLA New Member Drive @ 7:30
  • Title I Fall Meeting 4:00
• September 28

  •  Early Dismissal 11:30 – No buses will run this day
  • Music Parents Taco Feed - The Taco Feed will run from 11:00-1:00 at the American Legion Hall. The cost is: Grades 4-Adult - $5.00, and Grades 3 and under - $3.00
  • Parade – The theme for Homecoming 2012 is musical this year as it is based on song titles. Line up for the parade will begin at 1:00 on the west side of the elementary building. The parade will begin at 1:30. Businesses or organizations that would like to have a float or entry in the parade should contact Mrs. Kim Hoerner at the High School office 948-2252.
  • Pep Rally – After the parade parents, students, and community members are invited to help us celebrate our Potter County Battlers at the elementary gym.
  • FFA Brat Feed - The Brat Feed will begin at 5:30 at the FB field.
  • FB Game – Northwestern @ Hoven 7:00 PM
• September 29

  • XC Highmore Invitational @ Highmore 10:00 AM
  • FB JH Jamboree in Ipswich at 10:00
Throughout the week the students in junior high and high school will be dressing up in celebration of homecoming with each day having a different theme. The following is a list of the themes for each day:

  • Monday – Mixed Gender Day – Dress up as a member of the opposite sex.
  • Tuesday – Character Day – Dress as your favorite movie or cartoon character.
  • Wednesday – Sr. Citizen’s Day – Dress up like your grandparents or great-grandparents look like today or like they looked when they were your age.
  • Thursday – Battler Mascot Day – Dress up like our new Battler Mascot.
  • Friday – Team/School Colors Day – Dress up in red and purple and show your school spirit.
The student council will be evaluating your spirit throughout the week and prizes will be given out for the best costumes at the pep rally on Friday.

We hope that everyone can come out and help us celebrate Homecoming 2012 and help us cheer our Potter County Battlers on to victory all week long.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Need Your YES vote in the Opt-Out Election on September 18th

With the opt out election coming up, I thought that it might be helpful to try to answer some of the questions that have been asked of myself and of board members about why the Board of Education chose to request an opt-out as well as to clear up some misunderstandings that are circulating.

I think that you should know that:

• The total tax requested by the Board for all four funds has risen only $7,400 from 2005-2006 to 2012-2013, even with increased operating costs. The $168,000 opt out and the proposed $200,000 opt out, which would replace the $168,000 opt out, were included in this calculation.

• The first opt out began in 2005-2006 and increased the prior tax request by only $15,300. The Board was able to cut the levies on the capital outlay, special education and pension to achieve this.
  • During the period of the opt out, the Board was able to actually lower the total tax request for some years, which includes levies on the capital outlay, special ed, pension, and general fund, by lowering the levies on all funds except the general fund.
    • 2006-2007 the total tax request was lowered by $111,263.00
    • 2009-2010 the Board lowered the total tax request by $36,359.00
• The opt out was effective as of the 2005-2006 school year and was originally $168,000.00. During most of those years, the Hoven Board used the maximum $168,000.00, however, for the year 2010-2011 the Board requested only $128,000.00 of the maximum $168,000.00 opt out.
  • There was a combination of factors where the entire amount of the opt out was not needed that year. The Board did exactly what they said they would do prior to the opt out, and that was that if they did not need all of the opt out, they would not use it.
• The Hoven School Board made substantial cuts prior to the opt out in 2005-2006. In the year 2001-2002 the Board cut approximately $154,000.00. In 2005-2006 the Board cut another $106,000.00. Since the last opt out began the Board has lowered the full time teacher equivalent by 2.7 teachers. The cost savings was approximately $122,000.00. The FACS program was not cut but the Board now offers a virtual high school class option for students which results in a savings to the District.
• The $168,000 opt out that is currently in place will expire in October. The $200,000 opt out that is being asked for is meant to replace the expiring opt out.

  • The reason the request has increased by $32,000.00 is that it is virtually impossible for the School Board to predict exactly what the revenue or expenses for the School District will be each year for the next seven-year period. The Board is doing its best to estimate the costs over the next seven years as well as what the projected income will be. However, even with the $200,000.00 opt out, the Board anticipates that reserves will probably be lowered, but not to a dangerous level. In the event income is greater or expenses are less than projected and the entire $200,000.00 is not needed for a school year, the Board would request only as much as needed to operate the school, just as it did for the 2010-2011 school year.
• The polling places for the election on September 18th are:

  • Hoven Elementary gym foyer,
  • Tolstoy Community Center,
  • Lebanon Legion, and
  • B & R Truck Repair.
• Polls are open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our business manager or myself at the school office 605-948-2252.  

I urge people to vote YES to approve the Opt Out on September 18.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Area Students Benefit from Donations

(Plains Commerce Bank, Hoven, SD) – Last fall, Plains Commerce Bank started a year-long campaign inviting the communities it serves to cast their vote for their favorite name for the bank’s mascot, a 13’ inflatable blue pig. In turn, Plains Commerce Bank would donate $5,000 to local organizations across their communities to help students with school supplies and other school needs. Plains Commerce Bank is happy to introduce “Penny” who garnered 48% of the vote. Other contenders in the naming were “Bucky” garnering 22% of the vote with “Nickie” coming in a close 3rd at 20%, and “Dolly” trailing at 9% of the vote.
Plains Commerce Bank has branches in five cities in central and eastern South Dakota; Aberdeen, Conde, Hoven, Sioux Falls and Watertown. Each branch identified an organization to donate their portion of the $5000 to positively impact the students in their communities.
“With many great organizations to choose from in each community and no two communities having the same program to help outfit students for school, choosing an organization was more difficult than anticipated,” declared Kellie Ecker, Plains Commerce Bank Marketing Officer.
Plains Commerce Bank in Hoven will be donating $500 to both the Gettysburg and Hoven Elementary Schools. “It is important to give back not only to Hoven but other communities where we do business,” stated Charles Simon, EVP and Branch Manager. “With Hoven and Gettysburg forming a cooperative for their sports teams, it was logical to want to help support students in Gettysburg as well.”

The monies donated by the Hoven branch will start a Needy Child Fund in both schools to which other community members could donate additional funds.

Gettysburg School Superintendent, Tim Hagadorn was very receptive to the idea of starting a Needy Child Fund to help provide students with school supplies or maybe the occasional hat and gloves. “There is always a need, especially with South Dakota being so diverse. Students in the past have ended up getting what they need, many times out of the teachers or school officials own pocketbooks.” he commented. Peggy Petersen, Superintendent for the Hoven School District thought that the donation by Plains Commerce Bank to start this program was wonderful. “We have some very needy kids in our community and the money will be put to good use.”

In Aberdeen, Plains Commerce Bank will donate their $1000 portion to the Salvation Army Back to School Program. Plains Commerce Bank of Conde will be making a donation of $500 to Groton Public School’s Needy Child Fund and $500 to start a similar fund at Northwestern Area School District, Mellette. The Banquet’s Project S.O.S program, a back pack program to provide school supplies to needy students in the Sioux empire will be the recipient of $1000 from the Sioux Falls branch. The Watertown branches of Plains Commerce Bank will be contributing their fifth of the total donation to the Watertown Arrows Foundation where the funds will be earmarked for students in need.
Plains Commerce Bank recently celebrated 80 years of community banking in 2011. With branches in Aberdeen, Conde, Hoven, Sioux Falls and Watertown, Plains Commerce Bank is dedicated to providing its customers with quality service and products, by linking the values of the past with the ideas and technology of the future.